Welcome to Regent International Education Group!

You now have a wonderful opportunity to improve your English or gain a qualification and discover your pathway to life-long success.

Regent International Education Group is centrally located in the heart of the city on Queen Street, Auckland. We have students from a variety of cultures and age groups, many of whom are living abroad for the first time. As such, we feel responsible for making their stay and study in New Zealand as safe and enjoyable as possible. Our classes are small, and we believe this provides the perfect atmosphere for accelerated learning with greater student/teacher interactions.

All our staff are carefully selected to ensure their qualifications and teaching delivery is of the highest standard.

Our aim is to provide quality education in a fun and interactive learning environment. Our students’ ages range from teenagers to adults and they come from all over the world to enhance their English skills and to achieve academic success.

Regent International is registered as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the Education Act 1989 and it has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

NZQA is responsible for ensuring that tertiary education organisations continue to comply with the statutory policies and criteria. Engagement in periodic external evaluation and review – EER is one of NZQA’s policies. The EER is conducted in order to provide quality assurance to all stakeholders and to guarantee improving standards across the tertiary education sector as a whole.

Each external evaluation and review provide an independent judgement of the educational performance and capability in self-assessment. In 2015 evaluation report, NZQA has judged Regent International as confident in capability in self-assessment and not yet confident in education performance. View the NZQA report.

Regent International have policies and procedures to guide and support students to achieve their true potential and succeed. Our education success and the employment rate is high due to guidance provided by academic and student support staff.

We are here to help you and we want you to succeed, be safe and comfortable in New Zealand.

Vision Statement

Regent International Education Group is a profitable entity offering high-quality, nationally recognised and desirable educational programmes to meet the needs of our students and which empower them to take control and achieve their full potential.

Mission Statement

  • be recognised and respected as a quality education provider
  • provide innovative, desirable and quality programmes
  • grow our numbers and nationalities of international students
  • help every student achieve their planned goals
  • liaise with industry and provide students with marketable skills
  • cultivate a multi-cultural learning environment to prepare students to become global citizens
  • employ highly-qualified staff with proven expertise
  • Provide a high trust and caring environment where students and staff are well-supported.

Regent values and is committed to:

  • delivering quality service
  • delivering on time excellent classes, courses and programmes
  • providing a supportive and caring environment for each other and our students
  • building a climate of trust and respect for every person
  • taking responsibility and being accountable
  • seeking to overcome challenges and problems
  • keeping clear, honest positive and open communication channels
  • maintaining consistent and continuous improvement
  • having fun

Why is Regent so special?

  • Regent has been in operation for over 15 years and has a variety of programmes, well-developed resources, systems and processes to deliver quality training and support services to international students
  • Student feedback confirms that Regent offers outstanding teaching and enjoyable learning
  • Regent has a marketing presence and well-developed marketing network in China
  • Regent has a well-developed marketing network in India and visits at least annually and welcomes representatives from Indian agents to NZ on a regular basis
  • Regent is regarded a ‘quality’ Queen St provider and is handy to bus routes, trains etc.
  • Regent has a positive relationship with other central and local government departments and  agencies, including ImmigrationNZ and NZQA
  • Regent has a pool of well qualified and experienced academic lecturers, who have been teaching at Regent over a number of years
  • Regent has friendly and supportive  staff, with a dedicated Accommodation Coordinator and Student Support Officer
  • Regent provides a warm, friendly and safe environment
  • Regent is one of only 13 private education providers approved by Immigration New Zealand  to process international student and work visas on campus
  • Regent qualifications lead to real pathways to work and residence