The ideal launch pad to your dream career

For all those prospective students, who really want to make a mark in the Corporate world, Regent will provide you the ideal LAUNCH PAD to your dream career. However, there is something that I sincerely believe and practice religiously i.e. “There is no short-cut to success. Only formula is HARDWORK.

Robin Sebastian George

Regent have taught me to think creatively

New Zealand student review

Studying Business at Regent helped me to get a generic understanding and knowledge of how the business is created, developed and established in developed countries. Various projects, presentations and reports executed in class and at home have taught me to think creatively and analytically about the business process and market as a whole. Being an accountant in my hometown over 15 years. I was mostly interested in a Budgeting and Accounting course that enhanced my knowledge in the international financial and management accounting systems.

I’ve learned a lot

I took Diploma in Business Level 7. I had 22 years sales/hr/training experience prior to coming to NZ, thought it would be easy to take the course, but I was wrong. The papers were challenging and I certainly learned a lot. Attendance is serious and monitored. Also gained new friends from other countries, which I still communicate until now.

Thanks for unwavering support

What do you like about your course?

I have recently started the course, but already enjoy being a business student at Regent. My favourite paper is Strategic Management and I like how it connects to the local business environment. I particularly enjoy the way our lecturer explains the topic and goes in depth to give more and better clarity. In addition, I study Accounting and push myself to catch up with concepts and ideas for better understanding. Both my classmates and a tutor are assisting and supporting me in my endeavour. I really appreciate tutors’ unwavering support in helping me to achieve my educational goals. (more…)


Don’t have second thoughts. Go for it!

Student Council - IT department

Regent has been a wonderful institute. The courses that I have studied throughout the months have really helped me gain more knowledge in my field of studies. This Institute makes sure that complex topics can be easily understood and the people around me have been friendly and approachable. Overall if you want to study in Regent, Don’t have second thoughts, Go for it!

Matthew Lawrence S. Caitor

Really qualified tutors

IT student in New Zealand

My tutors were really qualified, and they gave us better understanding of the material. Giving it was very tough, they made it really easy to understand.

It was the best decision which I have ever made

I remember the day when I suddenly found the advertisement about studying in New Zealand in Regent. That day fully changed me and revealed new opportunities in my life. Now it’s been almost half of a year since I moved to New Zealand for studying. I can say for sure that it was the best decision, which I have ever made! New Zealand is amazing, beautiful and friendly country. I enjoy every day and every moment here. I’ve found a passion and inspiration to be a better IT-specialist in this green island. I met friendly people here, visited many interesting places with breath-taking nature and improved my communication and self-development skills. I believe that it’s just a beginning and the best of New Zealand is coming soon.

Olesia Martushkanova

Learned how to work in New Zealand IT industry

I really enjoyed my year of study in Regent International as a Multimedia student. Creating 2D and 3D animations were very interesting, as I’ve never encountered those before. Our professors were very knowledgeable and experienced. Developing various web applications and a mobile app with my group really made my stint at Regent very educational.

While studying, I was able to work part time in an IT company in Auckland Central. I also completed Regent’s internship program with that same company where I earned a lot of experiences in web development and learned how to work in New Zealand IT industry.


Teachers share firsthand experience

I studied Diploma in Horticulture L5 at Regent from 16th June 2008 and graduated on 21 May 2010. I have already got Permanent Residency in New Zealand and working full time with Plantearth and it’s all because of Regent. I learnt great skills and the tutors are great in teaching, giving firsthand experience from what they’ve been doing in their lives in the Horticulture industry. Because of them, I now have a great understanding of what horticulture is all about.

A great New Zealand experience starts at Regent

Choosing Regent International for my one-year course in Horticulture is another milestone in my career. It brought an added value to my professional life. Indeed, the knowledge I gained was both theoretical and practical that I was able to use the skills as I now work as a Markey Gardener in one of the biggest vegetable production farms here in New Zealand. Moreover, I was granted 3 years essential work visa and looking forward to take along my family here. I am grateful to the professors and lecturers who were highly qualified and competent staff as well. What a great experience!

John Wesley Sigua Santiago


Amazing and unforgettable

The spent time in this institution was amazing and unforgettable. The teachers used contemporary methods and educational books. Each lesson was unique and interesting. So time of lesson flew like a fly. I felt that my English got better. Teachers pointed me my weakness and mistakes in English. I am sure obtained knowledge allows me in future to make my English fluent. I would recommend anyone who wishes to study English to pass learning in Regent.

An awesome experience

I found Regent in a social network, and I don’t regret about my choice. It was an awesome experience for me because only after 3 months of my study I started to talk English confidently. Teachers are always making sure that you are doing great, the Regent personnel is friendly, and they can help you in any question. I felt that I had care from them. After graduation, I still keep in touch with my friends, who are also finished Regent but gone to home countries. It was an awesome experience for me.