Employers want skills more than knowledge when looking to employ staff. At Regent, our lectures know what skills employers are looking for and these skills form the basis of the teaching. You will graduate from Regent with the necessary job-related skills and ‘know-how’ which employees want – so very vital for success in an international economy.

Regent is in Queen St. Auckland, the heart of the city. At your doorstep is access to cinemas, library, student accommodation, cafes, restaurants, trains, ferries, and with buses right outside our front door.

Our staff are very academically qualified with extensive local and international experience. A majority of our staff are bi-lingual and know what it is like to learn another language and therefore understand the challenges our students will have. Many of our staff are consultants to industry and so are fully up-to-date with the latest requirements that employers are looking for. That is why learning at Regent is both supportive and challenging – to assist you to reach the standard required for an international career.

A majority of our qualifications have multiple intakes a year and so cater for your needs. English language programmes start most Mondays during the year and certificate, diploma and degree comparable programmes have up to 4 intakes a year.

Regent’s career counselling facility will help assist you in choosing a rewarding career keeping in mind your strengths and your progress in the theoretical and practical concepts pertaining to your chosen qualification.  In addition, depending on your student eligibility, we have a Job search support that will assist you in finding a part-time or full-time position.

Regent’s Activity Centre on campus is a ‘hub’ of enjoyable extra-curricular activities.  This includes table tennis, cultural festivals, parties, movies, graduation ceremonies and academic activities which offer the perfect platform to make new friends from our international student body.

Regent’s multi-level with computer labs (free access to the internet for students), specialised English Language classrooms, student cafeterias, meeting rooms, and special hexagonal desks for team building and cooperative studies – an enriched student learning experience.