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1-48 weeks

Intake: Every Monday

General English

We offer General and Academic English from beginner to level 4.

We cover the four core learning skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and we also include pronunciation, functional and topical English as well as New Zealand culture.

Our courses can be used as a pathway to further study or if you simply want to improve your English.

We aim to help develop any English skills you may already have, and build on those skills in order for you to participate in everyday, social and community interactions within an English speaking environment.

Classes are current, student-centered and relevant, so we cater for student’s interests.

Fridays are the time for students to unwind from study with excursions around Auckland City; this is an opportunity to learn more about the people, the sights and the culture that makes New Zealand what it is!

IELTS Preparation

This is a full-time programme combining General English with IELTS Preparation. Both General and Academic IELTS are taught in this programme. General IELTS is required for Immigration applications only and Academic IELTS is used for acceptance into vocational and university programmes.

As well as studying the four macro-skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, students study exam techniques and strategies and each of the macro skills are dissected to give students a full understanding of the different types of questions used within each of the skills.

Grammar and vocabulary skills will be an integral part of this IELTS preparation course and regular mock tests will be given so students can track their steady improvement and know when to book for this test. Diligent students may expect to go up one IELTS mark by the end of a 12-week study.

Students will receive help to enrol for the external IELTS test and will be given an intensive 2-hour private lesson just prior to the test.

Students at New Zealand Certificate of English Language Level 3 or equivalent are eligible to enter any of the IELTS programmes.



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English Language

Improve your English with help of our great teachers


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