Regent International Education Group has two enrolment options:

Open Enrolment – 52 weeks

  • All English programmes are open enrolment durations starting from the Monday of each week
  • All English programmes start day is based on student’s enrolment application and Regent’s confirmation letter
  • Please inform Regent if you cannot arrive in New Zealand on time for your programme, otherwise, your enrolment duration will not be extended

Fixed Period/Semester Enrolment – these have set start and finish dates

Your course enrolment will expire:

  • 12 months from the date of confirmation of enrolment, OR
  • At the end of the fixed period/semester for which you have enrolled

An extension of your enrolment is additional time granted to complete your course. This option is available if you are enrolled in an open enrolment course (52 weeks), and the course is for a three month period. To apply for an Extension of Enrolment, complete and send us the Application for Extension form. You must apply before your enrolment expires. 

An international student is also subject to Immigration policy and the additional payment may also apply. 

NoteExtensions to Enrolment are not available for fixed term or term courses.

You may request to transfer your enrolment from one semester to the next available semester. Special conditions and a deadline for applications apply.

Please complete the Term Transfer Application Form and send it to us by the closing date listed in the key dates in your Programme Information. Alternatively, you can forward an email outlining your request of transfer to The Semester Transfer Application Form is not intended for students who wish to change from one course to another.

Note: Set textbooks may change from semester to semester. If the textbook for your course has changed, you will need to obtain the correct textbook for the semester you transfer to.

If you transfer, you are not entitled to a refund of course fees if you then withdraw from the course.

When you receive (or receive access to) your course materials carefully check them to make sure they are for your enrolled programmes/courses. If you want to change to a different course, you need to return the materials to us and request the materials for your changed programmes/courses in writing within 14 days after confirmation of your enrolment. If you are enrolled in a semester course you will need to contact us before the start date of the semester.

Note: Changing courses is subject to Immigration policy and approval from Regent.

A transferred course cannot be changed. Your enrolment cannot be transferred to another person. For further information please contact Regent at +64 9 9206886 or

If you change your physical/email address, telephone numbers or any other contact details, as well as accommodation type, immigration status, you must inform us to ensure that Regent keeps updated information in your file so all communication continues to reach you. You can update your contact details and personal information online at or contact Regent Reception at +64 9 9206886 or

Regent International Education Group offers a Student ID Card for its students. A Student ID Card entitles you to benefit from various retailers, such as discounts on public transportation or for the cinema, bookshops etc. The Student ID Card can be used as a proof of identity for entry to examinations and is used for your printing service on campus. If you have a current enrolment, you will be eligible to apply for it.


While some courses at Regent have flexible start dates (e.g. English language courses) most of the academic courses have a fixed start dates.

Students, who cannot attend from the first date that attendance is required because of late visa approvals, or other issues outside their control, need to contact Regent, in advance, that they will be late and provide an explanation.  These students will be permitted to join classes late if no more that 25% of the course has elapsed.

This restriction is due to Regent’s commitment to provide every student with the best possible learning opportunities and the best possible opportunity to achieve on the courses they are enrolled on.  These opportunities are available only if students are able to attend all classes.  Regent is also obliged to meet accreditation requirements of NZQA including providing a full course of delivery, and Immigration New Zealand requirements relating to minimum attendance requirements for the course that is specified on the student visa.

Only in the most exceptional of circumstances, with approval from the Director of Studies, will students be permitted into class after 25% of the course delivery has passed.  However, Regent will consider applications to defer the start date until the next intake for the course where circumstances are outside the student’s control.

To summarise, the number of weeks allowed for student to late enrol is:

English:                                   Student can join following Monday
Business Level 5, 6 & 7:         2 weeks maximum
IT Level 5, 6 & 7:                     2 weeks maximum
Horticulture Level 4 & 5:      2 weeks maximum
NZCEL Level 1, 2, 3 & 4:       4 weeks maximum

Further consideration of late start date may be discussed on case-by-case basis.

For students who have late enrol, academic support to catch-up with the missed classes will be provided by the concerned academic department.

Sometimes students return from home country and enrol after the term has started. They then miss the first one or two weeks of lectures. They will be marked as “Absent” for these missing lectures unless they had applied for a late arrival which also had been approved by Regent.

Catching Up on Missed Lectures

For each week of lectures missed, the student can avail themselves of a one-hour special catch-up lecture, which will be held at a time convenient to the lecturer. This will enable the student to cover the most important material and concepts missed and will provide guidance for the student to do further self-study in the important areas.

This could also apply to students who (for whatever reason) have missed some of the first few lectures. The fees may apply to them.

Fee for Catch-Up Lectures

  • The fee for a catch-up lecture is $75 for any missed week.
  • Catch-up Fee for one week (one hour of lectures) – $75
  • Catch-up Fee for two weeks (two hours of lectures) – $150
  • Catch-up Fee for three weeks (three hours of lectures) – $225 Exceptional circumstances only

Times for Catch-Up Lectures

The Lecturer will deliver all ‘one-hour’ lectures for each missed week in week 3 for all students who missed the appropriate week. Students will attend only those lectures that correspond to the weeks they missed.


While there is no obligation on the student to take these extra lessons, students who do not want to avail themselves of this opportunity must ‘sign-out’ of the opportunity to avoid any potential difficulties later in the semester or in relation to passing grades. In this case, the student takes the responsibility on themselves for catching up on the missed work(s) through Whiteboard at

Regent International Education Group collects and stores information to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education (funding and student statistical returns), the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (Record of Learning registration and Unit Standard outcomes), the Tertiary Education Commission (funding and student statistical returns), Industry Training Organizations (funding and academic outcomes) and the Department of Work and Income (confirmation of enrolment and academic outcomes). The information is also used to select students for qualifications, to manage internal administrative processes, and for internal reporting. Information about students may be supplied to, and sought from, other educational institutions for the purpose of verifying academic records.

In addition, when required by statute, Regent International Education Group releases information to Government agencies such as the New Zealand Police, Department of Justice, Department of Work and Income, and the Accident Rehabilitation Compensation Corporation (ACC), Immigration NZ, agents and parents. In signing the enrolment form you authorise such disclosure on the understanding that Regent International Education Group will observe the general conditions governing the release of information, as set out in the Privacy Act 1993. You may see any information held about you and amend any errors in that information. To do so, please contact International Department or Reception. You agree to abide by the statutes, regulations and policies of Regent International Education Group.