Students must have the required textbook(s) for their chosen courses/papers. Textbook(s) can be purchased or borrowed either from the Institute or from a bookstore. The textbooks are approximately $50 for an English language textbook and $100 for a diploma paper’s textbook.


For English Language students, you will need to have an exercise book, pens or pencils. These may cost approximately $5 per month of study.


English language students may need to have an English dictionary to facilitate their study. The bookstore price for an English dictionary is about $50. Students may wish to have a bilingual dictionary from their home country before coming to New Zealand as well.


The students’ fees will cover photocopying of any non-textbook class handouts; however students are provided with only one copy of the class handouts, and are expected to keep them for future use.

Activities outside school

Class outings with an educational aim may be arranged occasionally. These may involve a small cost to the students. However, if the cost is high the students and parents/guardians will be notified well in advance. Typical activities may include a visit to a movie theatre (cost is about $14 for an adult, $8 for a child), or to a museum (cost is about $5), or to a location nearby (bus fare cost is about $2-$5).

Rental accommodation

A homestay situation for students can be a very rewarding way to integrate into the New Zealand society in a friendly environment. However, for students who prefer to find their own accommodation in Auckland, the rental costs for a typical three-bedroom house would be about $450-$550 per week. Otherwise, a single bedroom would be approximately $120-$220, which may not include either food or power/phone costs.

These prices only give an indication of the rental and accommodation costs for living in Auckland. Students may make further enquires by reading the local newspaper or Real Estate Agents rental division for their specific needs for accommodation in Auckland.

All costs are in New Zealand dollars and are Goods and Services Tax (GST) inclusive. 

Fees for Phone Calls/Faxes/Photocopies

  • Local Phone Calls: free
  • Toll Calls/Cellphone calls not permitted
  • Local Fax: NZ$1.00 per fax
  • Overseas Fax: NZ$3.00 per fax
  • Photocopies: 10 cents per copy

Please contact our Reception for these services.

Fees for student ID, Bank TT, and Academic Assessments

  • International money telegraphic transfer NZ$25
  • Student ID card or ID Replacement NZ$10
  • Application for Cross Credit/Credit Transfer (per paper/module) NZ$250
  • Application for Reconsideration of a Final Examination Grade NZ$50*
  • Application to Re-sit a Final Examination NZ$150


If you prefer to rent your own room or even flat or house, you would want to save your money on the broadband internet. broadbandcompare.co.nz will help you find the cheapest price for the good quality internet.



The following charge from NZQA may apply to student if relevant to you:

Other Tertiary Education Fees

GST inclusive

Reporting credits to NZQA for standards

$1.58 per credit

Reporting prescription results to NZQA for the New Zealand Diploma in Business


New Zealand Diploma in Business-resubmission of any prescription for national pre or post assessment external moderation

$144.90 per prescription

Issue of additional copies of student/learner record of achievement transcript on official stationery


Issue of student/learner record of achievement transcript by fax, PDF or email


Issue of a reprint of a national certificate, national diploma, New Zealand certificate, or New Zealand diploma (including NCEA levels 1, 2 or 3 for tertiary learners) where the certificate is not otherwise stated under “Other Tertiary Education Fees”


Verification fee for each learner awarded a national certificate or national diploma directly through a provider or Industry Training Organisation


Issue a certified copy of a trade examination result

$20.40 per level or $51.10

for all 3 levels

Issue a certified statement for a trade certificate


Issue a transcript of a learner’s New Zealand Diploma in Business results by fax, PDF or email


Issue a reprint of the New Zealand Diploma in Business certificate


Issue a certified statement of Advanced Vocational Award (AVA) certificate (depending on the number of levels)

up to $25.60

Issue an academic transcript of results of AVA



For updated information please refer to NZQA Website: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/our-role/legislation/fees/other-tertiary-education-fees/