English Language Support

Regent Academic Support Centre offers free English language support to all students. You can choose from a range of classes to suit your needs. You may need to improve your listening skills in order to take notes more easily in lectures or you may need to improve your essay writing skills. Whatever you want to improve, we can help you. All our classes are designed to help you improve your academic English skills and are taught by highly qualified and experienced English language teachers.

Student Advocacy

Regent student support services are to assist students in achieving their educational goals by offering free advocacy services and assistance to all of them. Through a network of key professionals across the institute, prompt response and personal attention are provided to help students resolve their concerns in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Academic Advising

Regent provides all students with academic advising all the way through their study. Our friendly professional academic and student support staff will help you in choosing your major and papers, planning your study progression, introducing and explaining Regent’s regulations, and assisting you with any possible academic concerns.

Transfer Students

If you have completed a tertiary level qualification or passed some Level 4, 5, 6 or 7 papers from other institutes, you might be eligible for cross-credits. Please talk to our staff at International Department for cross-credits requirement and policy.

Special Needs and Disabilities

Some additional needs may require pre-planning to ensure necessary support is in place. It may be necessary to adjust the student’s fee to cover support to be provided to the student. Student needs to make Regent aware of any special needs and/or disabilities. The staff at Regent will refer student to appropriate support services/agencies.

Refer to: Application for Special Assistance Form.