Student Discounts

A range of shops (e.g. those selling clothing, CDs, books etc) offer student discounts (usually 10%). You need to ask whether the shop offers student discounts before you make your purchase. If it does, you will need to show your student identification card (if you don’t have one, ask your education provider about how to get one) to receive the discount. Student discounts are also available at cinemas, some concerts or shows, video rental shops, public transport etc. Your education provider’s student association may provide a list of the shops offering student discounts in your city or town.

Opening Hours

Many shops (e.g. clothing, book or CD shops) open at 9:00am and close at 5pm or 5:30pm. Most are open on Saturdays, usually opening at 10am or 11am and closing at 4pm or 5pm. Many are also open on Sundays from 10am but may close at 3pm or 4pm. Opening hours are generally displayed on the shop’s window.