Once you have been in New Zealand for a while, you may decide to change your accommodation. The table below gives a brief explanation of the different sorts of accommodation available to international students. For more information go to: www.mynzed.com, click on ‘general information’, then ‘accommodation’ in the right column.

If you are under 18 years of age your education provider will assess available accommodation for you.

Private board

You have your own room in a private residential home or boarding house. Meals are provided, and probably shared. You are free to come and go as you please. You may or may not be expected to help with household chores. You will usually be expected to care for your own room.


You live with a family in their home. You will be treated like one of the family and expected to help out with household chores and to oblige to the rules set by your host parents such as curfews. Mealtimes will be shared together. Homestays are great for helping with your English because you will need to speak English in the home.


You have your own room or share with another. Meals will be provided in a communal dining room. Cleaning services are provided, but you will be expected to care for your own room. Usually located on campus or nearby.


You rent a house or apartment (any building where people live together, who are not a family or couple, is called a flat) either on your own or with others. Flats are usually unfurnished. You will have your own room, or may share with another. The rent is usually worked out according to the size of the room. All other expenses are divided, and cooking meals and cleaning is usually shared.