Student Visa

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) looks after Student Visas. If you have any questions about your Student Visa, go to: for the address of a branch near you and renewal forms, or phone free on: 0508 558 855.

INZ have access to a FREE telephone interpreting service called Language Line. It operates from Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm. When you contact INZ either by phone or face to face, just ask for Language Line and your language (for example: Language Line, Mandarin). Language Line is available in 35 languages. For further details go to:

If you wish to change to another education provider, you’ll need to go to a INZ office (refer to the website above) to update your Student Visa. You should take with you a record of your attendance, which your school or institution can give you.

It’s important to know the conditions of your Student Visa and to make sure that it matches what you are doing. Remember to note when it runs out (the date it expires). If you haven’t finished your study, you may be able to renew your Student Visa as long as you still meet the conditions. You’ll need to go to an INZ office (refer to the website above).

If you have a limited purposes Visa, once it has expired it can’t be renewed except in the most extreme of circumstances.

Student Visa applications in Auckland are carried out by mail or you can put the forms into the box at INZ offices in Auckland. Your passport and documents will be returned to you by courier within seven working days. If you are in a city other than Auckland, you can download an application from the INZ website, complete the form and take it with your passport to the nearest INZ office for processing.

Immigration agents offer services for renewing Student Visas and may approach you with offers of assistance for a fee. Renewing a Student Visa is not a difficult process and you should be able to do this yourself, by completing the necessary forms with accompanying documentation. Your education provider will gladly offer assistance if you ask for it.

Some agents may also suggest to you that you would be better off studying at another institution and offer to assist your enrolment at a new education provider. This offer is often not in your best interests. It is to earn the agent a commission.

The agent will probably charge you and will certainly receive a fee from the new education provider. The tuition you receive at the new institution maybe of a lower standard than at the institution that you came to New Zealand to study at and the change in institution may be disruptive to your long-term study goals. It may also affect your ability to get a further Student Visa.

Once you are in New Zealand if an agent suggests moving education provider to you please discuss it fully with the student support centre where you are enrolled, with your agent at home and your parents. Their advice will be in your best interests and in the interest of the long-term study and life goals you came to New Zealand with.