New Zealand Immigration Service (INZ) is responsible for issuing visas to enter New Zealand. Students should contact the nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission to obtain information on visa regulations and an application form. INZ recommends applying for a visa online (you can do it here).

Student’s permit or visa application requirements

  1. Your passport (which must be valid to at least 3 months past the date you plan to New Zealand)
  2. Two recent passport size photograph
  3. An Offer of Place from school
  4. If you already hold a student visa or permit and you are applying for a further student visa or permit you must provide COPIES of the following:
    • Evidence of previous student performance;
    • Evidence of attendance (excluding tertiary) showing satisfactory progress.
  5. Financial evidence of your ability to support yourself in New Zealand (if you are studying in New Zealand for less than 36 weeks please provide evidence of NZ$1250 per month. If you are intending to study in New Zealand for more than 36 weeks please provide evidence of NZ$15,000 per year as well as sufficient funds to purchase an outward ticket);
  6. Health and Character Requirements (for people aged 12 years and over who will be in New Zealand for more than six months but less than 2 years please provide: X-ray Certificate Or a Medical and X-ray Certificate; and If you are aged 17 or over, a police certificate from your country of citizenship (or satisfactory evidence that you have never lived in that country), and any country in which you have lived for 5 years or more since attaining the age of 17 years.

Immigration may request additional information to enable your application to be determined.

More information about student’s application please check immigration website.

If you are applying from within New Zealand, you will need to submit the followings with your application.

  • A completed current Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)
  • Evidence of an offer of place
  • Fee receipt
  • The correct application fee (cash, credit card or bank cheque)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Attendance reports (only if previously studied in New Zealand)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (if this is in the form of a bank statement, it needs to be dated after your fees have been paid and includes evidence of any large deposits).
  • Evidence of outward travel (may apply)
  • Full medical certificate (may apply)
  • Police certificates (may apply)
  • A statement from your education provider confirming your accommodation is compliant with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (for applicants under 18 years only)

Please also refer to the full Student visa checklist to see if there is anything else you need to include. We recommend that you print out and complete the checklist and submit it with your application.

If you do not provide all the documents on the checklist, your application will be returned to you without being processed. This could result in you not obtaining a visa and not being able to start your studying on time.

For more Information regarding student visa application, please check from the following link:

Evidence of funds to support yourself:

To gain a student visa we want to see that you are able to meet your living costs during your stay.

Evidence may include:

  • enough money held in New Zealand by you, or on your behalf, or
  • a financial undertaking to cover your accommodation and living costs, or
  • sponsorship by an acceptable sponsor to cover your accommodation and living costs, or
  • financial assistance available to you under aid programmes operated in New Zealand by a government

Courses less than nine months:

If the course you intend to study lasts less than nine months, you will need to show us you have access to:

NZ$1,250 for each month of your stay less any prepaid living expenses.

Courses more than nine months:

If the course you intend to study lasts more than nine months you’ll need to show us you have access to:

  • NZ$15,000 per year to cover your costs during your stay in New Zealand less any prepaid living expenses, or
  • If you are a citizen of Samoa or Tonga, a written guarantee from a relative who is a New Zealand citizen or resident that they will cover your living costs.

Evidence of funds may be in the form of cash, travellers’ cheques, bank drafts, or a recognised credit card with enough credit.

Medical Insurance Requirements:

International students must hold acceptable insurance as a condition of their visa from the period of their enrolment until the expiry of their student visa. An acceptable insurance policy is one which complies with the insurance requirements of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students and is acceptable to the student’s education provider. NZ education providers may require you to obtain insurance before offering you a place. You should discuss details of this requirement with the education provider you want to attend. If medical insurance is required for your application, please note that a visa will not be issued to you unless you obtain this insurance.

Attendance and Performance Requirements:

If you already hold a student visa and you are applying for a further student visa, you must also send evidence of:

  • your previous student performance
  • satisfactory attendance (you must attend at all times as required), and
  • your progress, which will be primarily determined by your education provider against its own academic policies.

Poor academic progress/attendance:

  • Over 95% attendance – INZ will accept.
  • Between 90-95% send through with an explanation and INZ will make a call on it.
  • Under 90% attendance – Students will not be entitled to submit their visa application through education provider.
  • Students should also pass at least 75% of their courses.


* Information regarding attendance as quoted from Immigration newsletter on date of 11 March 2013.

Read the Student Visa Guide.